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Welcome to the magical worlds created by Kasey Thompson



      Sera Kalihan was used to tragedy at a very young age. Losing her parents not only severed her family, but it also cheated her of her rightful place as Alpha. 

When her uncle gives the title to her younger brother, she is turned into the fatal Wolf Warrior. 

     Known by all as a brutal killer, she only has a few friends, to whom mean everything to her. When a threat to her life appears, her brother sends her away to a new pack, where she gets a little more than she bargains for. 

      The Alpha of the pack is very nervous when it comes to Sera, but he allowsw her entrance to his pack. When her uncle threatens her new pack, she risks her life to save both packs that hold refuge in her heart. Along the way, Sera realizes that she is more important than she could have ever guessed, and her power surpasses all. 

      Will she be able to push aside her personal insecurities and stand up against her uncle to save everyone she loves?



     Now that Sera has eliminated the threat of her uncle, she believes that she will be free to live a life of peace with her mate, Koda. As Alpha of the Moon Stone Pack, with her mate by her side, she feels as though everything is as it should be. Little does she know that her fight is far from over. Koda's arch rival will stop at nothing until he slowly destroys Koda in every way possible, and that means stealing Sera away from him. 
Legend says that mate bonds are stronger than steel, but when it is broke, the aftermath destroys the wolf to the point of no return. Will Koda be able to save Sera before all hope is lost? Will be be able to save her before she loses her family, her mind, and eventually her life?

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